Saturday, February 2, 2008

My Baby Boy is 3!

It is hard for me to believe that Isaiah is 3 years old! That seemed so much bigger when Ashtyn and Josiah turned 3. I am sure that I expected a lot more from them at that age than I do Isaiah. I guess that is just part of being the "baby" of the family. I wonder how that will change when the new baby gets here?

Isaiah had a hard time making up his mind what kind of birthday party that he wanted to have. We have been talking about it since Christmas and one day he will say a train party, the next Cars the movie party and the next, Doodlebop party. Well he had narrowed it down to a Doodlebop/Train party. I told Brent that he could have fun making up doodlebop/train party invitations!

But when it finally came time we ended up with...
Diego cupcakes and Thomas the Train napkins for his school,
and a family bowling party with Mickey Mouse napkins and cake.
(he really wanted a Cars the movie cake, but the cookie cake place didn't make them)
Of course we can't leave out the Superman wrapping paper!

Why not, right? After all you only turn 3 once!

Here are a few pics from the special occasion, by the way if you have never been bowling with a 3 year old it is quite an experience. (I would bring a chair!)