Monday, April 28, 2008

4 weeks and growing!

These past 4 weeks have flown by. We go tomorrow for Eisley's 1 month check up. I can't wait to see how she has grown these past two weeks. Her hip ultrasound went well. She actually slept through the whole thing! The sonogram tech said that she was his best patient! (She must take after Ashtyn, you know how Ashtyn likes to be the best at everything!) The Dr.'s office called us with a great report, they said that her hip looked wonderful! We have thanked God for answering our prayers. Ashtyn even had her class at school praying for Eisley! Here is a pic from this weekend of Eisley just hanging out in her new comfy, pink bouncer that Aunt Brande gave her.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

our first family outing

After being in the house for 2 weeks, except to take Eisley to the doctor, I was really ready to get out of the house for a little bit. So, Sunday afternoon we loaded up for an exciting trip to the Home Depot to purchase some new swings for our swing set! Before this we only had one swing which was the source of much frustration at our house. When Isaiah finally got his turn, he would tell Ashtyn that he was "never getting off", which always makes her cry. He loves to aggravate the others. I have been trying to teach them that if they pretend they don't care or ignore him, he will get bored and give up. Isaiah keeps things interesting around our house, otherwise it would be way too quiet!

After Home Depot, I wasn't ready to go home so we went to Poppy & Grana's house to play and eat dinner. The kids had a great time as usual. Their favorite part was when Poppy let them help him drive his riding lawnmower. They also loved riding in the trailer. Eisley slept through her whole first visit! Imagine that!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

2 weeks old

Eisley is 2 weeks old! My dad came over yesterday and watched the boys while I took Eisley to her 2 week Dr. appointment. She now weighs 7 lb and 15 oz. so she is almost back up to her birth weight. She is 21 inches long, which means that she grew over 2 inches! Everything looked great, except our Dr. thought she might have heard a click in her right hip, so we will be going for a hip sonogram on Thursday morning. Supposedly, this is quite common and if there is something wrong it is very fixable. (Although I have never heard of it) I'll post the results when I hear something.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

better late than never...

Okay, so I never got around to making an easter post but I figured better to do it now than not at all. We went to my parents house after church and the kids all had a blast! Poppy has this huge pile of dirt and it kept all the grandkids (except Bryce, of course) entertained for hours. They would still be playing in it now if we had left them there! Nothing like digging in the dirt in your new Easter dress and brand new white dress shoes! Which I still haven't got cleaned, by the way.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

1 week old

I can't believe that that it has already been a week. Time goes too fast! Eisley is a great baby and is very content most of the time. I guess she really doesn't have a choice being the fourth child! It does seem like every night when Brent & I are ready to go to bed, she decides to stay awake for a little while! I've watched more HGTV this past week than in my whole life combined. They just don't make quality TV anymore. Which left me with HGTV or old reruns, which I have seen plenty of this past week also!
I am so thankful to God for our 4 healthy children. I have heard of 2 little girls today needing alot of prayer and a miracle that only God can perform. These situations always put life in perspective and make us thankful for all we have, including sleepless nights and messy houses!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Eisley Noelle

She's here!!! Eisley was born Saturday, March 29th, at 6:27 am. She weighed 8 lbs and 3 oz and was 18 3/4 inches long. That makes her the biggest and shortest of all our babies. We think that she is absolutely beautiful and are so proud to have another daughter. I was telling Brent last night that I cannot imagine how our family could be any more perfect than it is right now. You can see more pictures on Brent's website at or if you click on "Eisley Noelle" above her picture it will take you to the website.

Keep checking back for new pictures!