Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sweet baby

Isn't this just the sweetest diaper cover ever? Thanks again to my friend Angie, who gave it to us!

Isaiah's swim lesson

I thought you would all like to see Isaiah learning to swim. This is a child that the first day of class wouldn't even put his face in the water!

Josiah's swim lessons

Ashtyn, Josiah and Isaiah took swim lessons for 2 weeks at Aqua Kids. They all had fun! And more importantly, they all learned how to swim! This is Josiah after 1 week of lessons...

Grandad and BeBe

This past weekend Grandad and BeBe came to visit us. The kids love for them to come and really enjoy playing with them. This weekend besides getting to eat out alot (now mommy is spoiled and doesn't want to cook!) we had fun having "girl's time" and "boy's time". The boys all went to the movie to see Wall-E and us girls went to Dallas to the American Girl Store and then went school shoe shopping at the Galleria. We had so much fun and are looking forward to going back, maybe for Ashtyn's birthday! Ashtyn had so much fun making paper dolls from a kit that BeBe bought her at the American Girl store. We can't wait for them to come back again!


To my kids, there is nothing better than going swimming and hangin' with your cousins! Eisley decided that she might like the swimming pool, too. Up until last week, Eisley didn't like to even put her feet in the pool, but she enjoyed being in the warm water at Aunt Brande's house last week.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

aren't they cute!?!

Aren't they cute? God has blessed me with the best husband. Wow and what an awesome daddy he is to our 4 kids! They just can't get enough of him and they do think that he is the funniest daddy in the whole world!

I think that Brent was supposed to be putting Eisley to sleep...not the other way around!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

3 months

Eisley turned 3 months old on Sunday. She is a precious baby. The kids are having fun interacting with her now. They love making her smile. Eisley has discovered Barney and really likes to watch him on tv. This baby that has never liked to sit in her bouncer or swing, will sit for almost 30 minutes and watch the entire show! What a blessing! She hasn't laughed yet, but is really close. We have been working really hard to get it out of her... I'm sure it will happen, any day now.