Friday, March 21, 2008

our rainy tuesday

For those of you who don't know, we are on spring break this week! I am so glad that my kids are young enough that they are not expecting to go somewhere and do lots of things for their week off, because mommy is to big and pregnant for all that! They actually want to stay home all the time! So that is pretty much what we have done. Tuesday it rained ALL DAY LONG. Since we were not able to go outside to play, we stayed in our pajamas all day, played games and made Easter cookies. I think that the kids did a great job making them (with just a little help from mommy). 

Siblings Class

I took Ashtyn and Josiah on Saturday to a class at the hospital for big brothers and sisters. They were really excited to go. They learned a lot of new things about babies. They were able to practice changing diapers, putting hats on the babies and they even learned how to swaddle them up in blankets. Of course, Josiah did not want a baby doll, so he just watched that part. Then they made "Happy Birthday" cards for their new baby. Josiah made a blue card and Ashtyn made a pink one. We finished off with a tour of the hospital and snacks!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I can't believe how much snow we got on Thursday! We had the largest, most beautiful snowflakes that I have ever seen. Some of them were at least 2 inches wide! The kids had so much fun, okay Brent and I did too, playing outside! By the time it had finished snowing, in some places, the snow was up to the boys knees! I would guess that we got at least 6-8 inches! We decided to order pizza so we could spend the whole evening playing together! The poor pizza man, but don't worry we gave him a good tip :)
Once the pizza finally came, Brent built us a fire and we ate pizza and had movie night in front of the fireplace. Can it get any better than that?