Friday, April 9, 2010

Children are a blessing...really.

Do you ever get comments when you walk in a store with your children?

Here are a few I have gotten:
"you sure do have your hands full"
"are all these yours?"
"you know what causes that don't you?"
I actually had one lady (that I didn't know) tell me "4 is enough, don't have anymore"

Well, if you have ever gotten any of these read this article
(I got this off my friend Candi's blog, but I had to repost it.)

what Eisley has been up to

Eisley is a very busy girl, which makes for a very busy mommy. that is just trying to keep her out of everything she shouldn't get into! She is certainly full of joy and energy. She can always bring a smile to my face and I love the way she talks!

Eisley after getting into mommy's eyeliner. She loves my makeup. At least she knew where to put it, unlike this week when she colored all over my bathroom floor with my lipstick and "painted" her toes with my eye shadow!

catching a ride to her room

Eisley found some winter things (that didn't belong to her, which are by far more fun than her own)

Sharing with "other bubba." She has started calling Josiah-Bubby and Isaiah-udda bubba. It is so funny!

Eisley's bad hair day :)

she wanted to help decorate the sugar cookies. while I was turned around she dumped the whole container of yellow sugar an one cookie! And she was so proud!

My Sweet Ashtyn

GOT HER EARS PIERCED! She decided that she was really ready to get them pierced. So on the spur of the moment we went to Claire's and had them done. She is such a beautiful girl on the inside and out!

Ashtyn's Baptism!!! and Our Celebration Lunch: Sunday, February 14th, 2010

Valentines Weekend

The kids stayed up way late on thursday night getting their valentines ready for our Homeschool Valentine Party/Cici's Pizza Field Trip. Ashtyn is my crafty child who would much rather go to Michael's and buy craft supplies to make her own valentines. This is the second year she has hand made them. This year she cut out 4 hearts out of cardstock, punched holes in each one, glued them together to make a flower and then stuck a sucker through the middle. they really turned out cute!
but when we woke up friday morning this is what we found...
poor daddy still had to go to work :( we wanted him to stay home and play with us
we had so much fun playing in the snow again!
special snowy days call for special indoor picnics!

Isaiah's 5th

Isaiah wanted a camo/nerf gun party for his 5th birthday. So Sunday, after church, we invited his boy cousins and a few of the boys at church (and their dads) to come over for an all out nerf war! Ashtyn thought the party would be no fun, since it was all boys, but as you can see she was right out there in the middle of it! They all had a great time, the dads might have had more fun then the kids? After a few minutes outside Isaiah was ready for cake and presents!