Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ashtyn's 7th Birthday

We celebrated Ashtyn's birthday by inviting all the girls in her class to come after school to a cooking party at Grana's house. The girls played outside, stamped chef hats, played games, made their own pizzas and decorated their very own little cake to take home. They had lots and lots of fun. Let me just say that I feel so blessed that Ashtyn is surrounded daily with such sweet, mannerly girl friends! But, by the time it was over, I remembered why I had her party last year at "Pump it Up"! Thanks Grana and Poppy for letting us come over and completely take over your home!

 Girls designing their chef hat

      How many 1st graders can fit in a hammock?

Making pizzas!

"CHEERS to Ashtyn!"

Ashtyn's 7th Birthday

The chefs decorating thier on 4 1/2" cakes!

Ashtyn received her very 1st American Girl doll from Grandad and BeBe

They also brought Eisley something...isn't this cute!?!

Monday, November 3, 2008

when you know that they are too quiet...

okay, this picture doesn't do it justice. i found the boys in their room playing very nicely during the afternoon, but as i turned to walk out of their room there it was...markers, in all colors, all over the wall! i immediately gave them each a rag to start cleaning it up. it all came off, except the yellow, which isn't too bad. i had to stop and remind myself, just laugh about it and get a picture to remember it by. i really wish i had a picture from the time they decided to dump out all of the fruity pebbles in the playroom window and tap dance to the crackling noise that it made! or there is the time that they colored on their bunk beds with permanent markers, or...well, i could go on! the point is you've gotta love boys! you never know what their little minds will think of next. (as you can tell from the picture, i think they must have enjoyed cleaning it up as much as the did making the mess!)

Anybody every wondered how much 1/4 of a cow is?

Just in case you did, this is it. We split a cow with 3 other families (mom/dad, brande/rob and gina/chris) and this is how much we got. Thanks to our cousin Shane at Hamilton's meat market in Weatherford we got a great price on all "natural" meat. Brent and I have decided to become more watchful and aware of what the kids, and ourselves, are eating. It is amazing how unaware most people are of what is in their food. Well, I'm sure that is enough about that! But, I am excited to have all this beef in my freezer!