Saturday, January 9, 2010

Decorating for Christmas

It is always so much fun to pull out the Christmas decorations! It has to be my favorite time of the year. I love when the house is decorated for Christmas. It is so festive, yet warm and cozy. Does that make sense? I always get sad when it is time to pack them back up, for me it is a depressing day. This year the kids were excited about it too, and were very big helpers.

Josiah helping his daddy

Isaiah putting the tree together

the many faces of little miss attitude

Isaiah was really upset because he wanted to keep his ornaments to play with and not put them on the tree :(

Taking a break after all that hard work!

Christmas Traditions

My family has a great tradition that we just started in 2008. We have a progressive dinner the first weekend of December. It really started out as a way to get our husbands to finish up the Christmas decorations early (don't tell them), but it also gives us a chance to go to each others homes and see each others decorations. This year everyone came to our soup for soup/appetizers, Chris & Gina's house for the main course and Rob & Brande's house for dessert. The kids of course had a blast! We ended it by singing Christmas carols. It is so nice to have so many musicians in the family. Brent, Chris and Dad on the guitars and Rob on the drums.

Our White Christmas

Christmas Eve turned out a little differently than we had planed, but it was really nice.
It started snowing early in the morning and didn't stop all day. It was not just snowing, it was a snow storm! I have never seen it snow here, like it did that day. As you can see, there were areas of our backyard that were 16 inches and 2 1/2 inches deep with snow! We waited all day for it to slow down so that we could go out and play.

Our Christmas Eve Service at church was cancelled due to the weather, so we stayed in, had a fire and my plan was to snuggle up on the couch and watch Christmas movies. However, Ashtyn went to watch TV in my room while she wrapped Christmas presents for me. So that just left me, Eisley, Brent and the boys. As we were flipping through the channels looking for a good movie they discovered that Star Wars was on. So instead of getting to watch holiday movies, we ended up watching Star Wars all evening! Not my choice, but I was outnumbered! It made me realize what it must be like for all of you moms out there that only have boys!