Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Grandparent's Day

Have I told you how wonderful my kids school is, lately? I feel so blessed every time that I am up at the school. One of the things they do each year is to celebrate and honor the children's grandparents with a special program, class visits and refreshments, not to mention some special gifts. My kids were looking forward to this day for weeks and all 4 grandparents were able to come! We are so thankful that they took the time (Grandad and Poppy...off work) to be here. Here are a few pictures of Ashtyn and Josiah showing their grandparents their classrooms.

Grandparent's Day: Poppy and Grana

Grandparent's Day: Grandad and Bebe

Josiah's Thanksgiving Feast

I had so much fun going to Josiah's Thanksgiving Feast at school! He is having such a great year! He loves school and all of his friends. The last couple of years I was worried at how dis-interested he was in school and any type of learning. People kept telling me that one day it would just click for him. This is his year! He is so pleasant on school mornings, even when I have to wake him up early. He really does like going to school! YAY! I hope that he keeps this attitude about school for many, many more years!

Ashtyn and her mini company

Ashtyn's dance class has been keeping us busy. There seems to be something every week this month. I forgot to bring the camera Friday night when they performed at "Ring in the Holidays", so here are a couple of pics from her last 2 performances. I really need to video these and post them for you. These girls are way too cute!

Eisley 7 months!