Saturday, November 28, 2009

10 Years Together

Yesterday, Brent and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary. I look back with awe at how quickly these years have gone and at how much God has blessed us! We would have never thought that 10 years later we would be where we are now with 4 precious children. I would have never even imagined that Brent would be an architect and that I would be homeschooling our children. I could have never imagined how much more in love with him I would be, 10 years later. These have truly been the greatest 10 years of my life and I am excited to see where God leads us over the next 10!

Brent's parents came in town for Thanksgiving and offered to keep the kids so that Brent and I could have a night out to celebrate. We decided to stay at this hotel and made reservations to eat at 560 at the top of Reunion Tower. However, on our drive over we decided to cancel our reservations for dinner and head out for some fun at Holiday in the Park! It was opening night and we had just enough time to get to ride all the things we wanted to ride. Our favorites were the Titan and the Superman Tower of Power. Even though we missed our "fancy" dinner, we did get to enjoy some excellent steak at Texas Land and Cattle after we left Six Flags.

Today, we slept in (so nice) and then went to the 6th Floor Museum. Afterwards we had excellent late lunch at a mexican restaurant in the West End and then headed back home to see our babies. It was wonderful to have an evening out, but I think we both agreed that we were ready to get home!

We ended the evening watching the Tigers beat Arkansas! Geaux Tigers! (I just had to throw that in!)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Harvest Festival

Our church's Harvest festival

On Friday night our church held a harvest festival. It has been several years since they had one and were expecting maybe 500 people in attendance. At last count we had over 1500 people! It was amazing! The kids all had a blast and we are looking forward to doing it again next year!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ashtyn is 8!

Ashtyn had her first slumber party with 8 little girls spending the night! I think they all had a good time. We had friends from church, some friends from our school last year and a neighbor. God was definitley present. All the girls got along so well with each other!

Here is Ashtyn trying out her new purple scooter.

Dinner with the family at the Purple Cow.

Part of the family

Ashtyn, Bryce and Eisley with the purple cows

eisley's new do