Friday, August 28, 2009

i just wanted to share what a wonderful morning we had. I actually spent some time praying about our day and took extra time to make a schedule and plan out the day, and wow what a difference it made! imagine that! we actually finished ahead of schedule. this is what our early morning looked like...

ashtyn and josiah busy at work

isaiah, happily playing with hot wheels and waiting for his math lesson.

eisley slept a little bit later this morning!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

the first week

our first week of homeschooling is going pretty well. i have to admit, there is alot more to do than i had realized. also, i feel completely UNorganized! so i am going to spend some time this evening planning, now that i have a taste of reality. besides those things, i am confident that we are going to have a fun and exciting year. the kids are really enjoying astronomy. we have been able to go outside the last 2 nights and look up at the sky and see some of the things that we are learning about. it is an adjustment for all of us, especially eisley. but i know it won't take long for us to get into a routine. here is a picture of ashtyn doing her math and one of all the kids with the astronomy notebooks that they made.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Isaiah's new bike

we have started taking almost nightly bike rides as a family. the kids love it and i love that we get some fresh air without having to bake in the hot sun during the day. isaiah was having trouble keeping up and we realized that he needed a bigger bike. thankfully, we found a great bike on craig's list for only $15. when we went to pick it up they still had the matching training wheels, helmet, elbow pads & knee pads. what a deal! here he is helping daddy put the training wheels on it.

fun summer mornings