Tuesday, June 23, 2009

here comes eisley

watch out world here comes eisley! she is the girliest girl i know. at almost 15 months old. she loves to dress up. it would be normal to find her walking around with a tutu on and 20 strands of mardi gras beads (that she puts on all by herself). she also likes to take clothes out of the dirty cloths and put them over her head, and not just her clothes, ashtyn's, the boy's and mine! and let me tell you this girl can move! she dances all the time! even when she walks! we were eating dinner in memphis on our vacation and she had a table of 8-10 men, probably in their late 20's, entertained. they would dance a little and she would copy them! they thought she was the coolest baby in america! she is so funny, we really are enjoying her!

us, camping in a tent

we went camping at the cedar hill state park with our life group at church. i have to admit i was a little worried about how eisley would handle it. she wasn't walking yet, so she pretty much needed to be held all the time. okay, so maybe i was worried how i would handle it :). we all had a great time. it was so nice to see the kids playing outside with bugs and sticks and all the nature things that we don't get on a daily basis (unless you can count the flys that keep getting into our house...yuck!) brent cooked his famous jambalaya for dinner saturday night, which i know that everyone enjoyed! you have to excuse that i don't know my tent terminology, but we decided not to put the tarp (top part) of the tent on since it was such a beautiful evening.  there was a nice breeze and we could see the stars as we were laying there it was wonderful. after we had all fallen asleep suddenly I hear "Mande, get up" in a loud whisper. then i question myself "what? is someone really calling me?" then i start to feel the rain drops and then eisley starts waking. brent has jumped out of the tent and is trying to get the top on as quickly as he can. did i mention that this is a large tent (3 rooms and a screened in porch... thanks uncle david) thankfully, albert in the tent next to us heard brent and got out to help.  you have to be thankful for good friends who are willing to get up in the middle of the night to come to your aide! the 2 of them got in on before we got too wet and ashtyn, josiah and isaiah never knew what happened! i learned that camping is alot of work. i also learned alot of things that i would do differently next time, that's right i said next time. i would do it all again. maybe in the fall, when it gets cooler.

Friday, June 19, 2009

school musicals

One of the things that I loved about LCCS, was the school programs that they put on. God always receives the glory. I know that He is pleased by these children worshipping Him and truly singing His praises. I get so emotional when I see my children and their friends singing to the Lord. I don't think I made it through 1 program, the last 2 years, without shedding a few tears, sometimes a bucket full. The end of the year musicals were no different. Miss Asthyn had a couple of solos again this year. She continues to amaze me at how much she enjoys "performing" and what a great job she does at it! I do believe we will see her on stage much more in the next few years. And Josiah did great also. This is his first time to actually sing and participate! He always does at practice, but when you put him in front of an audience, it makes him nervous and he freezes up. He did awesome! What a great surprise!

hello again.

where do i even begin? it has been 2 months, 2 crazy months, since my last post. i have been too busy to even hardly get on the computer, let only sit down and post anything on this blog. i know a lot of you can relate. i would like to post some pictures to show you all what our family has been up to, but still don't have the time to sit and write about each event. so the next few posts will be brief. hope you enjoy the pics!