Tuesday, June 23, 2009

here comes eisley

watch out world here comes eisley! she is the girliest girl i know. at almost 15 months old. she loves to dress up. it would be normal to find her walking around with a tutu on and 20 strands of mardi gras beads (that she puts on all by herself). she also likes to take clothes out of the dirty cloths and put them over her head, and not just her clothes, ashtyn's, the boy's and mine! and let me tell you this girl can move! she dances all the time! even when she walks! we were eating dinner in memphis on our vacation and she had a table of 8-10 men, probably in their late 20's, entertained. they would dance a little and she would copy them! they thought she was the coolest baby in america! she is so funny, we really are enjoying her!


Jara said...

she's too cute, go Eisley, go Eisley!!!!

Jara said...

We should have a lunch date at Sweet Tomato soon:) UMMMMMMM!