Monday, December 13, 2010

Josiah's 1st Guitar Show

Warning: This video is 3-1/2 minutes long. It begins with Josiah's guitar teacher talking about the guitarist/composer Carruli and how his music was judged by the Parisians as too hard for the average player. He says that Josiah is about to prove them all wrong! Josiah was the youngest student in the show and the only student who had just began taking lessons this fall. As you can tell, I am very proud of him. Not only, for his guitar playing ability, but for him getting up on that stage all by himself and playing in front of all those people! When he first was given this waltz to learn, he would get frustrated just looking at the sheet music, but then he would pray and ask God to help him understand and learn it. This really helped him to keep a good attitude. At the end, his teacher compares his hands to those of Segovia, a famous classical guitarist, which is something to be highly desired!

Let me say, also, that all of the kids that performed did an AMAZING job! I wish I had the whole show on video. You would be blown away by some the kids who have only been taking lessons for 2-3 years. Our teacher, Dan Word, has done an incredible job in teaching his students!