Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ashtyn's 7th Birthday

We celebrated Ashtyn's birthday by inviting all the girls in her class to come after school to a cooking party at Grana's house. The girls played outside, stamped chef hats, played games, made their own pizzas and decorated their very own little cake to take home. They had lots and lots of fun. Let me just say that I feel so blessed that Ashtyn is surrounded daily with such sweet, mannerly girl friends! But, by the time it was over, I remembered why I had her party last year at "Pump it Up"! Thanks Grana and Poppy for letting us come over and completely take over your home!

 Girls designing their chef hat

      How many 1st graders can fit in a hammock?

Making pizzas!

"CHEERS to Ashtyn!"

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KLee said...

What an easy idea for a fun party!