Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Josiah's graduation

This was Josiah's big night. I was a bit nervous of how he would do seeing that right before we left the house he let me know that he really did not want to "do graduation tonight". I told him how this was HIS special night and that he could even pick where we went for dinner afterwards, just like Ashtyn had done the year before when she graduated from Pre-K. I was so proud when he walked into the sanctuary and up on that stage. He didn't sing the songs, but he was up there! He was however, yawning and rubbing his eyes most of the time :). But at least he wasn't sticking his tongue out and licking his lips like one little boy down the line!

I think Josiah has come such a long way this year. He started off never wanting to go to school and was very quite when he was there. He really wasn't even interested in learning anything (quite the opposite of Ashtyn). There were many days that I had to drag him into the room! But then he got to really love it and made a lot of great friends! He even enjoyed doing his homework which consisted of practicing writing his letters. (I think he did a great job!) He loves to show us what he has learned at school. And I love to see his face light up as he shows us.

He is growing up! And he is such a sweetheart! He is so kind and compassionate. I wish that you could see the way he takes care of Isaiah when they are together. He is a joy! And I am thankful that I will have him home 2 days a week next year since he will be going to Pre-K again next year, but will be at a different school. He will be at Lake Country Christian School
with Ashtyn.
Josiah is on the top left

All the kids with Josiah's teacher aka Grana

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