Thursday, May 24, 2007

ashtyn's graduation

ashtyn graduated from preschool last friday, so i guess that means mande and i are officially old (well, we're not in our 30's yet, so we got 1 more year). all the classes got up together to sing songs and recite pledges to the flags and the bible. she did a great job and did all the motions to the songs and recited the 10 commandments by heart. it was amazing to see how much she learned for that night. the best part for me was when it was ashtyn's turn to get her diploma. as each child would walk up to recieve their diploma, their teacher would read some answers to questions they had answered earlier that day. one of the questions they asked ashtyn was "if you could wish for anything what would you wish for?" and her answer was "for my daddy to not have to go to work so he could stay home and play with me every day." that made my wasn't the answer i had expected. it was a great evening. we went to taco casa for dinner after - ashtyn's pick, of course!

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I'm Shelby said...


Your children are SSSOOOO precious... I'm so glad that I can get a chance to see them. Too bad our kids aren't around each other anymore (so that they can play).

It's great seeing them here.