Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Time for an Update

I know it has been a long time, over a month, since my last post. Things in our house stay extremely busy, as I'm sure they do in yours too. This past month has been full of Dr. Appointments! We have taken Eisley, Josiah and Isaiah in for their well checks. We took Isaiah to a kids ENT, due to his large tonsils and sleep issues. By the way, they are recommending that we do a sleep study on him. The 3 big kids went to see Dr. Mac, our pediatric dentist. Boy have dentists changed. The kids can't wait to go back again, they had so much fun! Of course, thanks to the bill, I'm definitely in no hurry! Then yesterday we spent half the day at the Dr. office and the ER at Cook's Children's Hospital with Josiah.

Sunday night his left foot was hurting him and Brent noticed him limping and that his foot was swollen. The next day it was a looked a little better, but later that afternoon, he told Grana that his foot was hurting, but it was the other foot and it was swollen, too. No injuries, no bites, just swelling for no known reason. He got to the point that it hurt him to walk or even just to stand up on his feet. The poor baby was actually crawling around to get the things he wanted.

Turns out, after ruling out every other possibility, that he has HSP or Henoch-Schonlein Purpura. It is a disease caused by inflammation of the blood vessels. We are thankful that this is something that clears up on its own, although they said it could take 3-6 weeks. The Dr. said that it it is probably just how his body reacted to a viral infection. We will be going back to the Dr. weekly for the next month to keep a check on him. They need to watch his kidneys to make sure there are no complications.

Then next week Isaiah has an appt. with the pediatric dermatologist and Eisley has her 6 month well visit! And at the end of the week the big 3 are getting their flu mist. And Ashtyn has her opthamologist appt., hopefully that will be it for a while! I'm praying for good health!

On top of all this we have started cloth diapering Eisley. There are lots of great reasons to make the switch, but if it wasn't for her delicate skin and how it was reacting to the disposable diapers (I tried several different brands) I would not have even thought about it. I'll keep you posted how it goes, but so far I really like them and we haven't had any skin problems!

Isn't God good, it just so happened that Josiah's cousin Micah was at Cook's Children's Hospital that morning getting his cast off! They had fun playing games while we waited!
See what cute cloth diapers they make now! These are called Fuzzi-Bunz!
                                             Eisley's first food...rice cereal!


KLee said...

Good reading on you guys again! You guys have been so busy--at the doctor! Holy Cow! I love Cook! Wish we were still in town for me to take E. Did you know I used to work there?
I have heard cloth diapering really isn't so bad. Just the initial cost up front. So glad it is helping your sweet girl!

The Garrett's said...

Poor sweet Josiah! You guys really have been at the dr. a lot lately!