Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ashtyn and Josiah's 1st day of school

Ashtyn and Josiah both loved school! Ashtyn is in 1st grade. It will be different for her this year because we have heard that they have lots of homework and no rest time! Josiah is in Pre-K 3 days a week. When I picked them up I asked Josiah if he had fun and he said" Yes, I'm ready to go back NOW!" This is big for Josiah to want to go back! I'll keep you posted on how he does on his second day (Wednesday). Here are a few pictures that I got of them.

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We're all ready to go, with our reflective backpacks

Isaiah's ready to go to Grana's house!

Ashtyn at her BIG desk, full of books!

Josiah with "Dude", their pet turtle that he got to help feed.

This is a picture I got as I was peaking in through the window, before I left.

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