Tuesday, August 19, 2008


The girls in mommy and daddy's bed

Ashtyn almost ready for church, all dressed up. We are trying to fit in wearing those white shoes before summer is over and she outgrows them:)

Eisley in front of the TV, waiting for the rest of us to get ready

Josiah in his new classroom with Freddy the Frog

Ashtyn in her 1st grade classroom with Mrs. Hedgpeth

What a busy and exciting day we had...
1. Ashtyn's first night to ever sleep in sponge rollers (can you believe I waited 6yrs!?!)
2. Went to church and heard a great message from our awesome new pastor
3. Came home and had lunch
4. Went back to church aka the kids school for Open House and Meet the Teacher
5. Came home fixed dinner
6. Got ready for bed early...tomorrow is the 1st day of school!!!

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